Feature from AJ – Wednesday, 21 October 2009 @ 3:15pm

Bravia LCD TV vs Playstation 3

This is about as close to an exclusive as Australian Gamer ever get. So I expect you all to pay attention!

Last week George and I were lucky enough to be invited to go take a look at the filming of a new Sony TV commercial. Not just any commercial either, this commercial features a PS3 being launched into a Bravia LCD at 80km/h…thus smashing both to bits. Actually…they destroyed three of each. Very cool, and very….damaging. “WHY!?!?!?” I hear you scream? Sony are giving away 25,000 PS3 slims to buyers of Bravia LCD TVs, and what better way illustrate the “bringing together” of a PS3 and a Bravia than catapulting one from a car crash test rig. These beautiful shiny devices gave their lives so that others may be spared. It brought a tear to my eye to watch the poor fella smashed to bits….

Oh the horror!

From midnight tomorrow, buyers of selected Bravia TV models get a free PS3. Sony have done something similar before, but this time they’re giving away 25,000 of them AND on top of that if you buy your TV before the end of November, they guarantee you’ll have you PS3 in time for Christmas. But that’s not all! If you’re worried that they may run out, have no fear just go here! Sony will have a count down showing exactly how many are left up for grabs….sadly we saw the first of the 25,000 smashed against a TV…but there are still 24,999 left!

Impending doom..

Filming the commercial took about 4 hours at Autoliv in Melbourne’s north. During this time three PS3 slims and three 60 inch LCD TVs were mashed together as only 80km/h will do. The first attempt showed that the PS3 is rather well constructed. Even hitting the TV with something like a tonne of force only dented the corner of the machine. Had it not mashed the power supply, the thing would’ve probably still worked. In fact, the last PS3 that met its doom still switched on and appeared to function…it wouldn’t accept a disk although we DID try though!

It’s just a flesh wound!

There was a real sense of Mythbusters about all this, as nobody was quite sure what happens when you do something as bloody stupid as this. After the first run showed both the TV and the PS3 holding up surprisingly well, the techies got together with an angle grinder, drills and screwdrivers and “weakened” the case of the PS3 and the steel supports of the TV. The second run saw the PS3 literally disappear inside the LCD. The powered-on panel glittered and glistened as it’s internals sprayed forth making way for the high velocity PS3. Spectacular stuff.

Of course, for those screaming about how evil it is to not only destroy shiny new PS3s but to also destroy three perfectly good panels…the three panels were actually defective screens…so shed no tears for them! The PS3s on the other hand…yeah…they were BNIB….OUCH!

Well…just watch the video for yourself….

And now for some photos!

“I’m just glad I get a day off”

Before the carnage

These cameras are awesome cool…at least that’s what George tells me

PS3…ready to head to its fiery death

From the commercial

From the commercial

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Stevorooni @ 10:53am 22 Oct
I got my PS3 though the original promotion, it’s a pretty good deal and I love my 40″ Bravia (even though it was the cheapest model in the deal at the time)

AJ @ 8:55am 22 Oct

Waaah such merciless destruction.

Did they gut that equipment before launching it? i.e. just destroying a PS3 case would seem like a wise idea

Nope…the PS3s were brand new out of the box (3 of them). The LCDs were functioning. In fact, the one used in the video is actually on when the PS3 hits it. That’s why you can see the ripple in the high speed footage. They were actually going to launch the controllers with the PS3, but the techies said wind resistance would mean they’d hit the screen well after the PS3 or possibly miss altogether.
Hans93 @ 12:58am 22 Oct
I love that ripple effect when the PS3 hits the screen.

Sebastianimator @ 12:23am 22 Oct
It’s an awesome gimmick for getting the PS3 some more much-needed saturation. I took advantage of it in the first round of offers almost 2 years ago now and am ever-so-happy with both my 40″ Bravia and my old 40gb PS3.

EdgeCrusher @ 11:33pm 21 Oct
Waaah such merciless destruction.

Did they gut that equipment before launching it? i.e. just destroying a PS3 case would seem like a wise idea