News from Luke – Monday, 14 March 2011 @ 8:29pm

North Korea Attacks – Homefront Ad Scares YouTube Visitors

Australian visitors of YouTube on Friday might have noticed the big video banner splashed across the top of the homepage – “BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Attacks”. This was not in fact real world news but a video for the upcoming THQ game Homefront; it still however scared a few people when they saw this, not knowing that it was actually an advertisement.

The Homefront video banner which seemed to cause a bit of “confusion” amongst visitors on YouTube was basically a cut down version of the “Backstory” trailer that we all saw last year. Hilary Clinton can be seen at the start addressing media with the text “BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Attacks” overlayed onto the video.
While the Homefront video banner was labelled as an advertisement, it still didn’t stop people from rushing onto social media sites to either spread news of the attack, or comment on the approval/disapproval of the marketing direction…which was a negative stance for the majority of people.

“Almost freaked out at the YouTube homepage banner ad for Homefront, thinking it was a real headline on a North Korean attack. Not cool.”

“I find the front page advertisement for “HomeFront” on Youtube to be offensive. I thought North Korea had actually attacked. Misleading.”

“not sure if the ‘North Korea Attacks’ Youtube banner ad for #Homefront is the most tasteful use of advertising i’ve ever seen.”

I can understand why people would be upset over this, the banner definately did stand out and was able to grab your attention. So what do you think, do you agree with the social media commentors, or was this a good marketing move which does reflect the nature and content expected for the game? I’ll tell you what though, it did get people talking about it that might not have otherwise…

Below is the backstory trailer which was partially shown on the YouTube homepage, so if you want to have a look check it out. Homefront is due out this week for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Meheho @ 9:44pm 15 Mar
That’s some good advertising there. I’m looking forward to this one.

Hewso @ 9:27pm 15 Mar
Yeah, I thought it was a cool idea. I actually am liking the marketing leading up to this game. It has made me interested in a game that I might have just written off as another modern war shooter.

Ballistic @ 6:11pm 15 Mar
2 million rednecks just came.

Moondogg @ 12:28pm 15 Mar
It was right where an ad always is. What else was it going to be, apart from an ad?

fadetoblack @ 9:46am 15 Mar
i dont see what the big deal over this is either…