News from Phil – Saturday, 06 October 2007 @ 6:56pm

We’ve heard the latest announcements regarding the new 40GB PS3 htting Europe and Australia. We know it’s severely limited in both functionality and price, but the biggest chop has to be the complete removal of any backwards conpatibility. I don’t particularly care, considering my PS2 still runs like a dream and it isn’t as if there won’t forever be something to play your old box of PS2 games on, but for some it may be a tad inconvenient. I never “owned” an original Xbox, so backwards compatibility is a solid feature on my 360, but the PS2 is so damn common it’s a wonder why anybody cares about the new PS3 lacking this feature. Sony have naturally been jumping all over like a PR monkey, explaining things like “goals” and “core values” and “gamer needs”, despite the fact they claimed backwards compatibility was a core value and necessary feature when trying to peddle their overpriced 60GB model. So many changes, and it’s been less than a year. Sony still seems lost, but I sure hope they find their footing soon with a package worth buying for all the right reasons. If they do that, I’m sold. Until then, suck it up. For your viewing pleasure, and to spice this boredom up, here’s a lovely piece of artwork from Kingdom Hearts 2, a game you sure as hell won’t be playing on a 40GB PS3. I just like the picture is all.